Eleanor Gibson

I help organisations that do good to innovate faster, cheaper and more successfully by applying digital thinking.

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The work you have done with us has been a complete transformation and exceeded my expectations in terms of improving ways of working and beyond; we have better planning and communication, greater integration across work streams, more effective and considerate collaboration and a general lift in morale and productivity. A huge success!
Carmen Barlow, Head of Communications
Amnesty International UK
I have spent much of the last 18 months having my mind blown by Ele and her team. Her approach to problem solving, creative thinking and innovation expertise has provided me with inspiration, confidence and new skills to apply to my own work. It would not be an overstatement to say that working with Ele has transformed how I approach project management and broadened my horizons regarding how great teams can work together to change the world.
Andy Punter
Cancer Research UK
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Our first session with Eleanor was mind blowing. Literally that was the catalyst for everything else that has come since. We saw her do more in that 30 minute meeting than we would do in a whole team away day. That’s when we saw the possibilities of working differently. How to quickly harness good ideas, and let go of what’s not working. Eleanor also created a network around us - suddenly we’re surrounded by charity innovation experts and peers. We’re treading new ground and thanks to Eleanor we feel like we know what we need to do. I meet people and think ‘Oh, they need to know Eleanor'
Nikki Giant & Jessica Nugent
UK Girls' Rights & Youth Team, Plan International UK
I've just come out of a fantastic morning of brainstorming with Eleanor about how we can run things differently in the third sector. She is so inspiring! If you are looking for someone to make you think outside the box and be grounded in great strategy this is the person to talk to.
Sarah West
Plan International UK
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What I Do

I’m an innovation coach and consultant to purpose-led organisations. I act as a catalyst so you can create game changing new ways to achieve your goals.

I believe that even the smallest of organisations can innovate cheaply and deliver value quickly in any area; from fundraising to programme design to how you deliver your life-changing work on the ground.

Most importantly, I believe you are the right person to lead this, not me. Through consultancy, coaching and guidance we’ll work together to demystify and apply the best tools from the world of Tech and startups to deliver your mission (think Design Sprints, Lean Start-up methodologies, User Experience (UX) to Agile Project Management).

I bring my experience from Cancer Research UK, Plan International UK and other sector-leading organisations along with bags of enthusiasm to enable you to be creative, think differently and make your ideas not only a reality, but a vital part of your future growth.

If you:

  • have a big challenge / target ahead of you that you know needs a stepchange to achieve
  • are tasked with leading change or innovation and shaking things up
  • are not exactly sure where to start, feel alone and in need of a confidence boost

I will:

  • Coach, guide and give you the tools to create the change you’re aiming for
  • Give you the confidence to lead your new work with clarity, direction – I will be your secret weapon behinds the scenes
  • Provide you with tools from the world of digital and innovation
  • Show you how to achieve this without outsourcing to expensive agencies.
  • Coach your teams so they have the confidence and skill to continue to innovate independently.

Get in touch and let’s grab a cuppa!

Upcoming Events

Supporter experience change collective

Tuesday 07/07 | 09:15 – 10:15 | Barbican Centre IOF Fundraising convention

Do you want to improve your supporter experience but have found that people, processes and systems keep getting in the way?

Join me at the Institute of Fundraising Convention 2020 to turbocharge your supporter experience and learn from our experiences of doing it:

  1. Gain clarity by goal setting and gain tools to help you prioritise and co-create ideas
  2. Understand cultural barriers and gain some top tips to addressing them
  3. Chunk down your challenges and come up with a clear plan of action that you can commit to.

Articles By Me

supporter experience

Plans are out of date before you finalise them... you need a vision

My charity innovation reading list

My charity innovation reading list

Setting Up An Agile Delivery Team

Setting up an agile innovation team

Audience Insight

Great audience insight is gathered by quick experimentation

Working together on the most valuable thing

Other Resources

How to run awesome remote workshops and meetings

A 30 min short interactive webinar we ran as Covd-19 hit where a team I lead (who’ve been working remotely for almost 3 years) share tonnes of tips on how to make remote meetings and workshops work for you. We share tips like nominating the next person to speak, plus we give you a tour of our favourite tools for online whiteboards, work tracking and video calling.

Watch the webinar >>

Innovation at Cancer Research UK

Jan 10, 2020

I talk about my role as Coach to the newly formed Innovation team at Cancer Research UK. We talk about the tools and techniques the team use to move fast and keep up with the changing needs of supporters, and how they operate differently from other innovation teams.

We also talk more broadly about how charities can innovate on the way they operate, as well as harnessing the power of their supporters. lean and agile principles.

Listen to the podcast >>

Remote Working Podcast

Jan 9, 2020

Working from home / remote working / being part of a virtual team has unique challenges but also offers huge opportunities.

I co-hosted a podcast where we chatted to two wonderful Cancer Research UK colleagues of mine about the positive impact working from home has had on physical and mental health and work-life balance.

They share tonnes of tips and ideas how to make remote working work for you by staying disciplined, switching off at the end of the day, plus how to build team bonds if your team is remote-based. We also discuss why enabling remote working is so good for organisations.

Listen to the podcast >>

Supporter Experience Summit

Sep 11, 2019 09:15 AM
@ The Book Club, London

I recently co-ran a summit around supporter experience. Participants were asked to name their three biggest supporter experience challenges and it was amazing how often the same five problems came up. Here’s what they were:

– Having raised challenging questions about supporter experience

– Being clear about what they wanted to achieve for supporters

– Knowing how to overcome cultural barriers that were stopping them making progress

– With a clear idea of what you could do tomorrow to make the most impact

Read the blog >>

Webinar: cross-functional teams and quick experimentation

Aug 7, 2019 01:30 PM

Watch my webinar where I shared some of the tools and techniques I used at Plan UK and Cancer Research UK to rethink supporter experience. I share how you can boost your fundraising by learning from technology companies and start-ups. Learn how you can harness the power of cross-functional working groups and quick experimentation to engage your supporters.

Watch on Zoom >>