A big part of coaching is supporting people to set their career goals. Not because, once set, they’ll necessarily get there, but because it sets their direction, helps them steer their course.

Goal setting is an exercise in thinking big and being brave, of looking inside yourself and then putting the dreams you find on paper. Your goals are the blueprint against which you measure your options. So when you face a fork in the path you’ve got a guide to tell you which way to go. When you’ve got a million things you want to do, your goals will show you which to do first.

Having a clear goal automatically makes it more achievable – because then you can break it down and define your first steps towards it. Goals are there to get you fired up and excited so you start walking in the direction you want to head.
By setting your goal you’re setting your path and once you can see the path it’s so much easier to walk it.


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